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I created Modern Life Home Care based on the theory of the Butterfly Effect; I do believe that a small change can have a profound effect. Inviting a new caregiver into your home may be just the change that you need, but, it may be hard to take that first step. Please continue to read and you may discover that you are in the right place.

As a registered nurse, a former home care recipient, and family caregiver to my parents and younger sister, I have the unique perspective to understand homecare from different vantage points. My family and I worked tirelessly to provide care for our love ones during their illness. We changed work schedules, took days off, and sometimes had to split time between staying in our homes and theirs.

In my Dad’s final days we had to face the fact that we needed help; it was hard to accept. Given the fact that my Dad was very proud and independent he was not one that would accept homecare easily. It made us feel defeated at first, but, it was the best decision we made. The small change began with a few hours of a caregiver coming in to help and provide some respite, ending with his admission into hospice.

I understand what it feels like to need help for your family while not wanting your loved one to feel that he or she has lost control over their life or their home. At one point I too was that person who needed help but didn’t want to be a burden to my family. I created Modern Life Home Care in honor of my Mom, Dad, and sister. They are the three butterflies in my logo that inspire me to provide care to others and never forget that it is the person’s choice to live their life, their way.

My Clinical Quality Experience

My nursing career includes years of clinical quality experience. I have worked with major NYC medical centers to improve their quality ratings in areas such as Medication Adherence, Member Satisfaction, and Care of Older Adults. As a member of the Modern Life Home Care family you will receive the same attention to detail and quality of care.

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